Mission and Metrics for Not-For-Profits

The health of nonprofit organizations often can be improved by a review of their mission statement and a refocus on the economic and social values they are attempting to deliver. Mission statements often do not answer the questions of: what we do, whom we serve, how we do it, and why we do it. The […]

Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Sign a Lease

Do you need a lease? A lease will give you a sense of permanence. You won’t be “fly-by-night”.  On the other hand, it locks your organization into a financial commitment of a set duration.  Which leads us to: How long of a lease do you need? How long do you expect to be around?   For […]

Five More Questions to Ask When Deciding to Lease Space

Is it near the neighborhood we are serving? It may be a cliché, but, especially for community-based organizations (CBOs), the three most important things to consider when deciding whether to lease or buy space are: Location, location and location.  Being conveniently located in the community you serve is vital to the success of any CBO.  […]